Differences celebrated. Visible: A Femmethology.

The only two-volume anthology dedicated to femme identities, by femmes and their admirers.

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Entre Nous: We’ve Got Your Politics Right Here

Are you feminine but have the body of a boy?

Are you feminine/femme and like to date other feminine/femme  women?

Are you femme-identified and hate makeup?

Are you femme-identified and live with a chronic illness?

We’ve got a pieces for all that. And some other ones, too.

The words TRANS and HUMAN cover Joshua Bastian Cole's forearm to represent ???.

Differences Celebrated

We believe in divergent opinions.

We believe in divergent opinions with no gloss.

We believe divergent opinions don’t need to reconcile viewpoints.

We believe those viewpoints can and do create something cohesive, still.


Visible: A Femmethology

We believe the perspectives in these books changed history when they were published.

We believe the perspectives in these books change history every time anyone reads them.

We believe the perspective in these books posit relevant discussions that still need to happen.

Even if they come from adversarial places at times – that is part of our community, too.

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