Femmethology Contributor Miel Rose

Gender has always felt to me like something essential and deep and hard to put your finger on.


Femmethology Contributor Cherry Bomb

My whole person is about contradiction, which is a difficult lesson to learn, and an even harder lesson to live.


Femmethology Contributor C.T. Whitley

My femme identity upholds the beautiful parts of my birth sex as female.

Femmethology Contributor Caitlin Petrakis Childs

How do you define your femme identity? I am a queer intersex woman who purposefully and thoughtfully creates and plays with a feminine gender that was consciously created by and for me. My femme gender is smart, sassy, tough, glamorous and fun. My shoe collection consists of tons of heels (4″+ please!), skate shoes and … Read more

Femmethology Contributor Lisa R. Papez

How do you define your femme identity? I find it’s all too easy to fall into the stereotypical expectations of what makes a femme a femme. Nobody can take away my identity, and so I do my best to define my femme identity by simply being myself. I don’t wear skirts and heels very often, … Read more

Femmethology Contributor Ann Tweedy

How do you define your femme identity? I think of my femme identity as being tied to presenting myself in a feminine way, in terms of clothes, mannerisms, etc., while at the same time rejecting oppression of women and of femininity. How do other identities you have not only intersect with femme but also contradict … Read more